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Coastal without being cliché

When it comes to home design, coastal themes often conjure images of seashells, sailboats, and nautical motifs. While these can evoke and “sea-like” and breezy atmosphere of coastal living, there’s a fine line between designing a coastal-inspired space and falling into cliches. Let’s explore how to incorporate coastal vibes into your home without resorting to the expected tropes.

Embrace the colors surrounding your home: Look at the view from your window and incorporate some of the colors that you see. Not just the blues but the color of the sand, seagrass, and anything else you see. Bring in varying tints and hues of those colors. When selecting white paint, go with a softer white like Benjamin Moores’ Chantilly Lace.

Incorporate different coastal textures: Since you’re going with calmer, more muted colors, add different textures where you can. Go for accents of grass cloth and rattan (accents being the key word here). Incorporate these textures in lamp shades, end tables, displayed serving trays, etc. Textured wallpaper in a calming color works well in smaller places like a powder room. Check out this Kravet wallpaper option.

Curate a personal collection: It’s really important to add personal touches to your space. It’s one of the main things that turns your house into your home. For a coastal space this could be a decorative jar of sea glass you’ve collected over time or sand you collected on your favorite beach say to put in a clear vase with some faux botanicals. Don’t forget to check out some of the local artists in your area for some pieces too!

Mix in styles other than coastal: I’m a big fan of mixing styles in all homes I work on, especially coastal! Stay with the color palette but mix in styles like bohemian and contemporary.

Don’t forget that one of the advantages of living on the coast is the view from your window- use that as a starting point on your interior design journey!

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