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Engineered vs. Solid Hardwood Flooring

I LOVE working with hardwood flooring so I’m excited to be writing this blog post. Hardwood flooring is one of the most versatile products I work with. I can install it in various home styles, including traditional, contemporary, bohemian, farmhouse, and many more. It’s a timeless and elegant choice that adds warmth and beauty to any home. When considering hardwood flooring options, two main categories often come into play: engineered hardwood and solid (sometimes called natural) hardwood. Each has its own set of characteristics, benefits, and considerations to take into account.

Ash Jordan Designs working with an interior designer

Engineered Hardwood Flooring:

Engineered hardwood flooring is constructed with multiple layers of wood veneer, bonded together with adhesives and heat. The top layer, or wear layer, is made of high-quality hardwood, while the lower layers are typically made of plywood or high-density fiberboard.

*If you are going to purchase engineered hardwood, talk to the seller and make sure the top layer is thick enough to be refinished!

Installation: Engineered hardwood can be installed a variety of ways, including floating, stapling, or gluing. This can make installation easier for DIYers and cheaper when hiring a flooring installer.

Durability: Engineered hardwood flooring is a good option if you’re concerned about humidity. Some natural hardwood flooring can start cracking in high humidity areas.


Solid Hardwood Flooring

Solid hardwood flooring is made from solid wood and is known for its timeless beauty, natural grain patterns, and color variations. While it offers undeniable charm and authenticity, it does require more maintenance than engineered hardwood.

Longevity: If you maintain and care for your solid hardwood flooring properly, it can last for generations. Hardwood flooring can typically be refinished more times than engineered hardwood.

Environmental Sustainability: A lot of us are trying to be more conscious of the environment these days, Finding hardwood sourced from responsibly managed forests is a sustainable option that you can feel good about purchasing!

Finishing: Solid hardwood can be purchased finished or unfinished. If you select unfinished you have a wide variety of stains to choose from to finish your flooring.

When choosing between engineered and solid hardwood flooring it ultimately comes down to your specific needs, preferences, and budget.

Contact me if you need help deciding which is best for your home!


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