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Holiday Season Six Picks - Week 3

We’ve officially hit December! This weeks Six Picks range from kitchenware to items that provide extra comfort during the holiday season.

Something that I sometimes struggle with during the holiday season is decorating my home in a festive way without making it feel too “Christmas-y” since I’m Jewish. I found that an easy way to do this is by adding some metallic items in a space like these Gold Artificial Lemon Leaves Branches from Afloral. Laying these in the middle of a table as a centerpiece or in a tall vase is an easy way to give your room a festive feel. They’re also a great price point and can be used year after year!


I love items that feel festive but can also be used year-round like Ribbon Mugs by Sarah Sherman Samuel from Lulu and Georgia. They’re versatile but give a little festive feel with the ribbon style handles. They come in a sit of 2 and make the perfect gift for your coffee-loving friends and family!


I find that during the month of December I do a lot of work remotely because most of my clients are traveling for the holidays and have a more hectic schedule due to holiday parties, etc. I like to be cozy and comfy but I tend to run hot haha! These Open Toe Slippers from Amazon have been a staple in my laid back, work from home style. Since they don’t fully enclose my feet I don’t get as hot as I would with traditional-styled slippers.?


Who doesn’t love Half-Baked Harvest? I’m constantly making her recipes and have never been disappointed. While I’m usually more of a wine drinker I can’t help but love her Cinnamon Apple Bourbon Smash. When we have company, I usually put a couple bottles of red and white on the table but it’s so fun to have a signature cocktail, especially when it’s easy to make a mocktail version of it. The drink tastes just like the holiday season!.


Lumbar pillows are always a good idea! We do A LOT of lounging this time of year between watching holidays movies and gathering on the couch with friends and family. Lumbar pillows offer so much comfort for your back and these Lush Velvet Oversized Lumbar Pillow Covers from West Elm give a festive look with the velvet material. If you don’t already have oversized lumbar pillows, don’t forget to purchase these inserts with the covers!


My next pick can be used year-round but I always find the holiday season a good excuse to buy more kitchenware. Having a cake stand is great to display cake and pastries and it’s also the perfect addition to a tablescape. I love this Godinger Silver Art Co cake stand. The gold rim adds a little something special and the cover prevents the cake and pastries from turning stale too quickly.


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